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22. The Activity and Metabolism of Poikilothermal Animals in Different Latitudes.—II.



Whereas in some genera of marine decapod crustaceans the scaphognathite and heart rates of species from English waters are no faster than the rates for other species of the same genera living in arctic waters, each measured at their natural temperatures, in other genera the rates for the English species are faster than those for the arctic species.

The prawn Pandulus montagui attains a larger size in arctic than in English waters. Taken from the former habitat, it supports a lower maximum aquarium temperature than from the latter.

The curves relating oxygen consumption to temperature for the prawns Pandalus borealis from arctic waters and P. montagui from Plymouth are parallel to the corresponding curves for the isolated muscles of these animals. This bears out the hypothesis that the greater oxygen consumption of warm water animals is due to a greater non-locomotory metabolism.

Larger individuals of Pandalus montagui have a slower heart rate than smaller individuals, but there is no such relation between their rates of oxygen consumption.

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