30. On a Collection of African Oligochæta in the British Museum


  • W. Michaelsen

    1. Hamburg
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    • †[Professor W. Michaelsen died before the printing of the proofs of this paper. In fairness to him it should also be said that he never saw it in its present form, for his incomplete familiarity with the writing of English obliged me to make very considerable changes in the wording of the original manuscript, in accordance with an understanding between us, whereby for the past few years I have acted as a kind of linguistic editor to several of his papers on British Museum material appearing in English journals. My revision of the present paper unfortunately did not reach him until it was too late, but it has been seen and approved by Dr. M. E. Thiel, of the Hamburg Museum, who has been acting as his literary executor.–C. C. A. Munro.]

  • *Communicated by Martin A. C. Hinton, F.R.S., F.Z.S.