DESCRIPTIVE STUDY OF THE FOSSIL HEMIBHAMPHIDæ: 9. A Comparative and Descriptive Study of the fossil Hemirhamphidse from the Lower Oligocene of Chadrat (Auvergne)


  • Doctor Louis E. PITOU F.Z.S.


The fossil fish Cobitopsis acutus (P. Gervais) of the tertiary of Auvergne, which is the object of this study, has already been described several times under different names by various authors. It has been classified also in different families. The author has redescribed it carefully from a perfect specimen in good preservation, and demonstrates its affinities and its differences with the genus Ghriodorus. For him it is an extinct form, the type of a subfamily hitherto unknown, that of Pseudochriodorinee, whose features partake both of the subfamily of the Chriodorinss and that of the Hemirhamphinse.