A Record of Gestation Periods and Growth of trained Indian Elephant Calves in the Southern Shan States, Burma.


  • Capt. E. C. Burne.

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      In his covering letter to the Secretary, dated February 10, 1942, Capt. Burne writes:–“I enclose growth figures taken over those calves born to the Company's (Messrs. T. D. Finlay & Son, Ltd.) elephants in their Shan States Forests during the last 28 years. Height measurements are not taken before the calves are trained, at three years old or thereabouts. I also enclose records we have kept more recently of the period of gestation.” News has recently reached us from India, that owing to the invasion of Burma by the Japanese, Capt. Burne has probably lost all his valuable note-books and records, as they had to bo left behind when the British residents were obliged to retreat.

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