A New Ophryoscolecid Ciliate, Entodinium insolitum, sp. n., from the Indian Rhinoceros



  • 1An account is given of the structural features of a new ciliate, Entodinium insolitum, sp. n., from the alimentary canal of the Indian rhinoceros (Rhinoceros unicornis). It is represented by two forms, namely, E. insolitum forma insolitum and E. insolitum forma uncinatum. The material was obtained from a diarrhœic stool, but it is considered to be improbable that the presence of the ciliate was in any way responsible for the condition of the host.
  • 2The new ciliate is unique in being the first species of Entodinium to be recorded from the Perissodactyla. The possibility of cross-infection of the rhinoceros from some other ungulate is discussed and dismissed.
  • 3The site of infection is not known, but is probably the colon or cæcum.
  • 4The resemblance and possible relationship of E. insolitum are discussed.