A Revision of the Type-localities of Mammals occurring in the Tanganyika Territory



This paper deals with the type-localities of mammals.

The area covered is that enclosed within the political boundaries of the Tanganyika Territory, together with the adjacent islands comprising the Zanzibar Protectorate. With two exceptions, no localities lying outside this area are mentioned.

Type-localities are considered alphabetically. After the description of a type-locality follows a list of the species and sub-species described from that locality. Alternate and obsolete names are included.

To those interested in statistics it may be recorded that this paper contains 217 localities of which 38 are obsolete or alternate names or cross-references, leaving a balance of 179 actual type-localities.

The names of 304 species and sub-species which have been described from the above area are given, of which the large number of 98 have been described wholly or in part by the German systematist, Dr. P. Matschie.

A result of the lack of suitable books of reference during the compilation of this paper is that it has been impossible to come to any definite conclusions concerning the exact type-localities of about ten species. It is hoped that these outstanding problems will be cleared up at a later date.