A new Central Mediterranean Subspecies of Field Mouse (Apodemus sylvaticus Linn.), and notes on Surrounding Forms.


  • David L. Harrison F.Z.S.


A series of seventeen examples of A. sylvaticus was collected by Mr. P. A. Clancey, M.B.O.U., between 22. xi. 1944 and 24. iii. 1945 from the Po valley plains of Emilia, North Italy. The localities from which the specimens were obtained were Faenza, Forli and Bagnacavallo. These were so distinctively pale in colour that I was led to compare them with a hundred and six Field Mice in my own collection and sixty-two in the British Museum collection, from neighbouring regions, as follows: Apulia, S. Italy 49, Switzerland 16, South and S.E. France 29, Yugoslavia 28 and Gt. Britain 54.