A New Copepod Parasite, Clavellisa dussumieriae, belonging to the Subfamily Clavellinae from the Gills of a Madras Fish.



While a few parasitic copepods have been described from the fishes of Ceylon by Wilson (1906) as well as by Kirtisinghe (1932-37) and some recorded from the fishes of Bombay by Bassett-Smith (1898) only three parasites belonging to the family Lernacopodidae are described by Thompson and Scott (1902), all from Ceylon. However, Lernaeopodids occurring elsewhere have been exhaustively treated by Kröyer, Brian, Scott, Wilson, Gurney and Leigh-Sharpe. The sub-family Clavellinae in particular has not been recorded from India, and as Clavellisa dussumieriae, a new species treated in this paper, exhibits certain features of general interest, a full description of both the female and the male was deemed fit.