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On the Homology of certain elements in the Skull of Bufo regularis Reuss (Salientia).



  • 1A centre of ossification is described for the first time in the auditory region of Bufo regularis Reuss. A similar one is present in Calyptocephalus gayi (Reinbach, 1939), where it was identified as “supratemporal”.
  • 2This centre has been homologized here with the postfrontal bone present in Apoda and in the Miobatrachidae.
  • 3Since the postfrontal of one side fuses with the corresponding squamosal towards the end of metamorphosis, the name “postfronto-squamosal” is introduced.
  • 4The development of the so-called fronto-parietal is followed in three species of Salientia, which were not examined by Eaton. It is found that this bone develops from one centre of ossification in all cases.
  • 5After comparison with fossil forms it is concluded that it must be regarded as a frontal only.
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