The external genitalia of the female chimpanzec; with observations on the mammary apparatus.


Summary and Conclusion.

  • 1The female external geiiitalia of the cliirnpaiizer have been decribed and figured in more detail (especialy with reference to the morphology the ditoris) than hit'herto.
  • 2Stages are considered at, different pcriocls of the post -1iitta1 life history.
  • 3The mammary gland has been discussed at different, phases of tthe life history.
  • 4Comparisons are niade with the external genitalia of other Priniate's, both human and subhuman and the morphology of the cliboris cornpred with that, of the penis at different ages.
  • 5Conclusions are drawn relative to the early differeatiation of Anthropo-pifh)ecun from the generalized anthropoid ape-stock of the Miocene. in which a generalized mammalian phallus was probably the rule—which condition is retained by the femde chimpanzee. whereas i t has been consitlernbly departed from hy the male.