Studies on the Trypanosomes of New Zealand Fish.



The following trypanosomes of New Zealand marine fish are described in this account, and their relationships discussed:–

Trypanosoma heptatreti Laird, 1948 (host: Heptatretus cirrhatus).

Trypanosoma gargantua sp. n. (host: Raja nasuta).

Trypanosoma coelorhynchi sp. n. (hosts: Coelorhynchus australis; Physiculus bachus).

Trypanosoma caulopsettae sp. n. (hosts: Caulopsetta scapha; Rhombosolea plebeia).

Trypanosoma tripterygium sp. n. (hosts: Tripterygium carium; Tripterygium medium).

Trypanosoma congiopodi sp. n, (host: Congiopodus leucopaecilus).

Trypanosoma parapercis sp. n. (host: Parapercis colias).

Heptatretus cirrhatus is the first member of the Agnatha to be recorded as a host for trypanosomes. while Trypanosoma gargantua sp. 11. becomes the largest known representative of its genus. It appears that New Zealand fresh water fish are not parasitized by trypanosomes, probably because of the absence of suitable leech vectors.