• 1
    The British species of the genus Veigaia are redescribed. A key is given for the identification of the females.
  • 2
    Veigaia bovvieri (Bed.), both sexes, and Veigaia serrata Willm., females only, are recorded for the first time from Britain.
  • 3
    Veigaia herculeana (Bed.) 1904 is considered to be a synonym of Veigaia kochi (Trägärdh) 1901. Veigaia kochi Willm., 1936 non Trägärdh, 1901 is considered a synonym of Veigaia nemorensis (C. L. Koch), 1839.
  • 4
    A discussion is given on the classification of the Veigaiaidae (syn. Gamasolaelaptidae). The writer has united the families Veigaiaidae and Gamasolaelaptidae since he considers the genus Gamasolaelaelaptidae to be closely related to Veigaia and Cyrthydrolaelaps. The genera Euryparasitus Oudms. and Halolaelaps Bed., previously included in the Gamasolaelaptidae, are transferred to the Rhodacaridae.