• 1
    The classification of the Macrochelidae is discussed. The family is divided into two subfamilies: Macrochelinae Tragardh (including Areolaspinae Trägårdh) and Parholaspinae nov.
  • 2
    Keys are given to the genera (females only) of the Macrochelinae and to genera and species of the Parholaspinae.
  • 3
    Three new genera are proposed
    Parholaspulus gen. n., type Parholaspulus alstoni sp. n.; Tricholaspis gen. n., type: Tricholaspis marginipilis sp. n., and Neparholaspis gen. n., Type: Neparholaspis spathulatus sp. n.
  • 4
    The following new species, in addition to the three species referred to above, are described and figured
    Holaspulus tweediei sp. n. (both sexes).
    Neparholaspis simplex sp. n. (both sexes).
    Gamasholaspis intermedius sp. n. (female only).
    Parholaspis kewensis sp. n. (female only).
  • 5
    Parholaspis pachylaelapsoides Schweizer 1932 is considered to be a synonym of Holaspulus tenuipes Berl., 1904, and Parholaspis crispus Willmann 1940 is transferred to the genus Neparholaspis.