• 1
    The major part of Broom's original collection of specimens of Burramys parvus Broom has been re-examined with the acetic acid technique.
  • 2
    Additional information thus acquired makes it certain that Burramys parvus does not belong within the Macropodidae, nor is it ancestral to them.
  • 3
    Resemblances to Hypsiprymnodon moschatus are the result of convergence, and suggested affinities with Thylacoleo appear to be without adequate foundation.
  • 4
    Burramys parvus has features in common with several genera of Phal-angerinae, in particular with Eudromicia, Cercaertus, and Petaurus and should be included in this subfamily instead of being placed in a separate monotypic subfamily.
  • 5
    Those figured specimens of the species described by Broom from the Wombeyan Caves, New South Wales, which are at present in the Australian Museum, Sydney, must be presumed to be the types.