• Ostracoda;
  • Platycopina;
  • Podocopina;
  • Cytheracea;
  • Galapagos;
  • Ecuador

Marine algae collected from rock pools on Hood, Fernandina and Mosquera, in the Galapagos Islands, have provided a fauna of 26 ostracod species of which 14 are new. One genus, belonging to the Hemicytheridae, is also new and appears to be endemic to the Islands. From two littoral algal samples collected from Punta Canoa and San Pedro beach, Ecuador, an assemblage of some nine species, four of which are new, is also described. Two ostracods: Touroconcha lapidiscola and Loxoconcha (Lox-ocorniculum) lenticuloides, are the only species so far known to be present both in the Galapagos Islands and off the coast of Central and South America. One species: Cytherelloidea praecipua recorded from off Tobago and Clipperton Islands may be present in the Galapagos but this has not definitely been confirmed. The evolution in the Gulf Coast/Caribbean region of several ostracods and their subsequent dispersal westwards is discussed.