The postcranial skeleton of the Lower Jurassic eosuchian Gephyrosaurus bridensis



    1. Department of Zoology, University College, London WC1
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    • *Department of Biology, University College of Arts, Science and Education, P.O. Box 1082, Bahrain.


The postcranial skeleton of the reptile Gephyrosaurus bridensis is described. The material was extracted from the Lower Jurassic fissure infillings of South Wales and comprises the broken and dissociated bones of many different individuals. The skeleton, like the skull, retains many primitive features which justify the inclusion of Gephyrosaurus within the Eosuchia. A comparison of the skeleton with that of other genera supports the conclusion that Gephyrosaurus represents a separate eosuchian lineage. The skeleton is that of a small, unspecialized terrestrial reptile which could move quickly in pursuit of prey.