• Reptilia;
  • Eosuchia;
  • Weigeltisaurus;
  • Coelurosauravus;
  • Permian;
  • gliding comparative anatomy;
  • taxonomy;
  • Europe;
  • Madagascar

The skeleton of a long-ribbed reptile from the Upper Permian Marl Slate of north-east England is described. The animal is assigned to the genus Weigeltisaurus, previously recorded from the Kupferschiefer of West Germany. Long-ribbed reptiles from the Upper Permian of Madagascar are also considered. Daedalosaurus Carroll, 1978 is a junior synonym of Coelurosauravus Piveteau, 1926. The European and Madagascan genera can be accommodated within a single family Coelurosauravidae, Infraclass Eosuchia. The skull is diapsid with an incomplete lower temporal arcade. Comparison with the modern Draco and the Upper Triassic kuehneosaurids supports the conclusion that the coelurosauravids were effective gliders.