• Centropomidae;
  • Centropomus;
  • cladistics;
  • Eolates;
  • Lates;
  • Psammoperca;
  • Tertiary

The anatomical investigation of the osteology of both fossil and Recent species of the so-called Centropomidae was conducted with three aims: of improving the taxa definition, providing anatomical descriptions suitable for palaeontological studies and establishing a hypothesis for the phylogenetic relationships of the family. The family interrelationships are reviewed according to phylogenetic principles and reconstructed based on a cladistic analysis using 29 characters (28 osteological, and one myological). The family Centropomidae as previously defined is paraphyletic. The new family Latidae is monophyletic and includes Lates, Psammoperca and †Eolates. The two former genera are monophyletic whereas the latter genus is polyphyletic. Three fossil species are attributed to †Eolates. The family Centropomidae is monogeneric with Centropomus. © 2004 The Linnean Society of London, Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society, 2004, 141, 81–133.