Revision of the Neotropical Scleropactidae (Crustacea: Oniscidea)




The species of Scleropactidae from America are revised and redescribed. A phylogeny hypothesis based on an analysis of morphological characters is presented. The genera are redefined and the generic placement of several species is corrected. The Neotropical Scleropactidae include Colomboscia, Scleropactes, Circoniscus, Neosanfilippia, Sphaeroniscus, Richardsoniscus, Spherarmadillo, Colomboniscus, Amazoniscus and Protosphaeroniscus. The genus Chileoniscus is excluded from the Scleropactidae. Sphaerobathytropa is excluded from the Scleropactidae and its previous record from Argentina is revealed to be erroneous. Synuropus is revalidated and excluded from the Scleropactidae. The following new genera are introduced: Scleropactoides gen. nov., Globopactes gen. nov., Caecopactes gen. nov., and Troglopactes gen. nov. Thirteen species are described as new: Caecopactes minimus sp. nov., Colomboscia parva sp. nov., Globopactes falconensis sp. nov., Globopactes hispidus sp. nov., Globopactes meridae sp. nov., Scleropactes cotopaxii sp. nov., Scleropactes ecuadoriensis sp. nov., Scleropactes pululahua sp. nov., Scleropactoides curvatus sp. nov., Circoniscus hirsutus sp. nov., Sphaeroniscus quintus sp. nov., Spherarmadillo nebulosus sp. nov., and Chileoniscus armadillidioides sp. nov. Identification keys to all species are provided. © 2007 The Linnean Society of London, Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society, 2007, 151 (Suppl. 1), 1–339.