Supplementary Figure 1 – ‘Crocodylusdepressifrons Blainville, 1855, IRSNB R251 from Erquelinnes. Detail of left premaxilla e and maxilla in medial view. Note the absence of blind pockets on the medial wall of the caviconchal recess of the maxilla.

Supplementary Figure 2 – ‘Crocodylusdepressifrons Blainville, 1855. A, left jugal in dorsomedial view, IRSNB R251 from Erquelinnes; B, C, right jugal and ectopterygoid, IRSNB R252 from Orp-le-Grand, respectively in dorsal and medial view (detail not to scale). The medial jugal foramen is divided in three foramina in A, but the global size can be considered large as in B.

Supplementary Figure 3 – ‘Crocodylusdepressifrons Blainville, 1855, IRSNB R252 from Orp-le-Grand. Incomplete skull in dorsal view. The posterior part of this skull is figured in the text Figure 7.

Supplementary Figure 4 – ‘Crocodylusdepressifrons Blainville, 1855, IRSNB R253 from Orp-le-Grand. A, B right and left lateral views of the anterior area of the rostrum. C, D, lateral views of the right and left lower jaws. Note the marked vertical festooning.

Supplementary Figure 5 – ‘Crocodylusdepressifrons Blainville, 1855, IRSNB R253 from Orp-le-Grand. Isolated teeth in labial view. Note the extreme variation in shape shown by these teeth. The flattened apex in D is not worn.

Supplementary Figure 6 – ‘Crocodylusdepressifrons Blainville, 1855, IRSNB R253 from Orp-le-Grand. Right (A,C) and left (B,D) humerus in ventral (A,B) and lateral view (C,D).

Supplementary Figure 7 – ‘Crocodylusdepressifrons Blainville, 1855, IRSNB IG 9875 from Orp-le-Grand. First caudal vertebra in anterior (A) and posterior view (B).

Supplementary Figure 8 – ‘Crocodylusdepressifrons Blainville, 1855, A, B, IRSNB R254 from Leval. C, D, IRSNB IG 9875 from Orp-le-Grand. Dorsal osteoderms in dorsal view. Note that the specimens from Leval are much bigger and thicker than those from Orp-le-Grand.

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