Appendix S1. Details of material (live and voucher animals) and sequences used in the present study.

Appendix S2. Descriptive statistics for all the linear measurements and meristic variables of adult specimens of the different Tarentola taxa included in this study.

Appendix S3. Networks corresponding to cytochrome b sequence variation in endemic Cape Verde Tarentola geckos (modified from Vasconcelos et al., 2010).

Appendix S4. Marginal probabilities of migration rates (m1 and m2) and time of divergence (t) between T. bocagei and T. nicolauensis, present in S. Nicolau Island, obtained by fitting the IM model to the three-locus data (PDC, ACM4, MC1R) set.

Appendix S5. Estimates of genetic differentiation of the PDC, ACM4 and MC1R between ESUs using Snn test values.

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