Figure S1. Maximum clade credibility trees from Bayesian analyses of single loci. The out-group was removed to simplify the presentation. Support values (posterior probability, PP) are as indicated.

Table S1. Mean and standard deviation (SD) for population size (θ) and divergence time estimates (τ) from the BPP analyses. Analyses were run with Heosemys spinosa samples split into clades A and B (upper table), and with samples split into clades A, C and D (lower table); Hann, Heosemys annandalii; Hdep, Heosemys depressa; Hgrand, Heosemys grandis; Hspin, Heosemys spinosa. Lower case letters in column headers correspond to the nodes in Figure 5. NA indicates values that are unavailable because PP support values were < 0.50.

Appendix S1. Table showing collection, individual ID, and mtDNA clade membership for Heosemys spinosa. Also shown are shell measurements (mm) and mass (g); CL, cacarpace length; CW, carapace width; H, overall shell height; M, mass; PL, plastron length; PW, plastron width. Mitochondrial sequences were not generated for F95, TNA98006, TNA98010, and TNA98012 because of putative nuclear mitochondrial pseudogenes (numts). *Turtles from the 2001 Hong Kong confiscation.

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