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The Perspectives of Young Men and Their Teenage Partners on Maternity and Health Services During Pregnancy and Early Parenthood


Correspondence to: Malcolm Hill, University of Strathclyde–Glasgow School of Social Work, Room W511A, Sir Henry Wood Building, 76 Southbrae Drive, Glasgow G13 1PP, UK. E-mail:


This study discusses young couples’ interactions with maternity and health services paying particular attention to men’s perspectives. Findings are based on research conducted in Scotland with men (aged 16–25) and their teenage partners (aged 16–19). Most young men were very involved in their child’s life and provided support and care to their partner during pregnancy and in early parenthood. Men often felt excluded or judged when accessing services, although positive experiences were reported too. The study discusses ways in which maternity and health services can be better attuned to meet the needs of young couples and be inclusive of men.