Crystal Growth and Observation of the Ferroelectric Phase of PbZrO3


  • Presented at the Fall Meeting of the Electronics Division of The American Ceramic Society, Kiamesha Lake, N. Y., October 5, 1971 (Paper No. 17–E–71F).

  • Supported in part by the Army Research Office-Durham under Contract No. DA-31–124–ARO–D–205.


High-purity single crystals of PbZrO3 suitable for electrical measurements were grown from solutions in the PbO-ZrO2-PbF2-B2O3 system. Dielectric, hysteresis-loop, and optical measurements confirmed the existence of an intermediate ferroelectric (FE) form, previously observed only in ceramics, just below the transition temperature (Tc#232°C). The temperature stability range of the FE phase, which cooling curve measurements show to vary from 12° to 26°C, appears to be related to crystal stoichiometry. The maximum value of spontaneous polarization is P8(max)#24 μC/cm2, assuming that the FE phase possesses rhombohedral symmetry.