Dc Conductivity of Ge-S-Ag and As-S-Ag Glasses



The dc conductivity in GeS2-GeS-Ag2S and As2S3-Ag2S glasses was measured over the range – 20° to 80°C using an electrode of 1 at.% Ag amalgam to avoid polarization. The room-temperature conductivity varies with increasing Ag2S content from 10−15 to 10−4Ω−1 cm−1 for GeS2-GeS-Ag2S glasses and from 10−16 to 10−5Ω−1 for As2S3-Ag2S glasses. Also, the transport numbers of Ag ions in the glasses were measured by the Hittorf and emf methods. The results show that all glasses in both systems, except for compositions with low Ag2S contents, are purely ionic conductors because of the presence of Ag ions, so that they may be regarded as solid electrolytes.