Effect of YO1.5 Dopant on Unit-Cell Parameters of ZrO2 at Low Contents of YO1.5


  • Hideo Toraya

    1. Ceramic Engineering Research Laboratory, Nagoya Institute of Technology, Asahigaoka, Tajimi 507, Japan
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    • Member, American Ceramic Society.

  • A. H. Heuer—contributing editor


The effect of YO1.5 dopant on unit-cell parameters of ZrO2 (YO1.5=0 to 14.6 mol%) were examined by the X-ray whole-powder-pattern decom-position technique. The unit cell of monoclinic ZrO2 has the largest expansion along the direction perpen-dicular to (100). The rate of increase of the unit-cell volume of monoclinic ZrO2 with YO1.5 content is greater than that of tetragonal ZrO2 and comparable to that of cubic ZrO2.