YBCO Oxalate Coprecipitation in Alcoholic Solutions


  • J. Halloran—contrihuting editor

  • Manuscript No. 194406.

  • Supported hy the Ministry of Science and Technology of Israel, Minktry of Absorption, and the Crown Center for Superconductivity.


A process for synthesis of ultrafine YBa2Cu3O7–x powder by oxalate coprecipitation from nearly saturated solutions of the metal acetates and a 2-propanol solution of oxalic acid was developed. The coprecipitation was complete within 5 min in an ice bath at 0–2°C. The final stoichiometry was Y:Ba:Cu = 1:1.994:2.991, while the particle size and surface area in the homogeneous coprecipitated powder were 0.1–0.2 pm and 24.9 m2.g−1, respectively. Because of the uniformity and particle size of the coprecipitated material, reactive YBCO powder with a surface area of 1.7 m2.g−1 can be obtained at 780°C in about 12 h.