Synthesis of Spherical β-Silicon Carbide Particles by Ultrasonic Spray Pyrolysis


  • S.-C. Zhang—contributing editor

  • Supported by the Republic Science Foundation and partly by the U.S.–Yugoslav Scientific and Technological Cooperative (NIST JF 928-71).


Fine agglomerate-free spherical β-SiC powder was synthesized from a dispersion of colloidal silica, saccharose, and boric acid, by means of an ultrasonic spray pyrolysis method. Droplets of 2.2 μm were formed with an aerosol generator, operated at 2.5 MHz, and carried into a reaction furnace at 900°C with argon. Spherical X-ray amorphous gel particles of 1.1 μm were obtained. β-SiC particles with a mean diameter of 0.79 μm and spherical shape resulted when the SiC gel precursor particles were heated at 1500°C in argon.