The cubic-tetragonal (c-t) phase equilibria in the system ZrO2-YO1.5 are thermodynamically analyzed from Landau's phenomenological theory. The calculated c-t two-phase field is depicted as a miscibility gap with a sharp maximum and the spinodal region as originally predicted by Hillert and Sakuma. However, the observed c-t two-phase field and the spinodal region are better described by the present model. In addition, this model can be used to discuss the nature of the c-t diffusionless transformation from the order parameter in contrast with the original model. The predicted change in the tetragonality of t-ZrO2 with YO1.5 content is slightly different from that in the c/a axial ratio estimated from X-ray diffraction analysis. The displacement of cations and anions may not take place simultaneously during the c-t transformation.