Crystalline Copper Phosphates: Synthesis and Thermal Stability


  • R. S. Roth—contributing editor

  • Sponsored by the Division of Materials Sciences, Office of Basic Energy Sciences, U.S. Department of Energy at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (managed by Lockheed Martin Energy Research Corp.) under Contract No. DE-AC05-96OR22464.


The syntheses of Cu(PO3)2, Cu2P2O7, Cu4P2O9, Cu5P2O10, Cu3(PO4)2, and Cu2PO4 were accomplished by several new solid-state routes. Attempts to synthesize CuPO3 were unsuccessful, and it is suspected that this compound, which is reported in the literature, may not exist. The thermal stabilities of Cu(PO3)2, Cu2P2O7 and Cu3(PO4)2 were examined, and their decomposition was concluded to be strongly dependent on slow kinetics.