Fabrication and Mechanical Properties of Titanium Boride Ceramics


  • P. F. Becher—contributing editor

  • Supported by a grant to the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology at Doshisha University from the Ministry of Education, Japan.

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    Member, American Ceramic Society.


Dense TiB ceramics (99.6% of theoretical) with a grain size of ∼5 µm have been fabricated by reaction hot pressing of TiB2 and titanium for 2 h at 1900°C and 28.5 MPa. The TiB ceramics exhibit a fracture toughness (KIC) of 4.5 MPa·m1/2 and a bending strength (sigmab) of 360 MPa. Electrical resistivity (rho) is 3.4 × 10-7 Omega·m at room temperature.