Characteristics of acquired reactive perforating collagenosis


Dr Hiromi Tsuboi, Department of Dermatology, National Hospital Organization Yokohama Medical Center, 3-60-2 Harajuku, Totsuka-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa 245-8575, Japan. Email:


The status of the patient's associated disease can generally affect the onset or healing of acquired reactive perforating collagenosis (ARPC). We treated eight cases of ARPC and noted that the patients had similar findings. However, it was not clear why ARPC developed in the patients with these diseases. Nevertheless, several factors related to the diseases associated with ARPC could affect the degeneration of collagen fibers or the production of dermal products. Some patients had diseases that were characterized by fibrosis and an increased amount of reticular fibers. Factors related to tissue remodeling might act not only in diseases associated with ARPC but also in ARPC itself.