Malignant melanoma with preserved hairs: A snap shot could suggest the development from an acquired melanocytic nevus


Takahiro Kiyohara, M.D., Ph.D., Department of Dermatology, University of Fukui, 23-3 Matsuokashimoaizuki, Eiheiji-cho, Yoshida-gun, Fukui 910-1193, Japan. Email:


A 63-year-old man presented with a dome-shaped, black nodule on his right forehead, where hairs were preserved. The black surface tone measured 7 mm in diameter and spread irregularly from the periphery of the nodule. He had been conscious of the preceding, black macule for approximately 50 years. A snap shot of the patient in adolescence showed a tiny, black macule, which was a few millimeters in diameter. Histological examination demonstrated irregular proliferation of melanoma cells from the epidermis to the dermis. Partially, there were well-circumscribed, oval nests composed of nevus cells in the acanthotic epidermis and follicles. Nevus cells were also seen in the dermal component, presenting a burnt-out appearance. In this case, the small final size, the preserved hairs and the snap shot suggested a preceding, acquired melanocytic nevus. Malignant melanoma could arise from acquired melanocytic nevus.