Screen of multifunctional monoclonal antibodies against hepatitis B core virus-like particles


Zhao-Shen Li, Department of Gastroenterology, Second Military Medical University, Xiangyin Road 800, Shanghai 200433, China.
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HBc-VLP can be used in an epitope presentation system to carry foreign epitopes and mimic live virus in order to study viral particle uptake, virion-mediated activation and antigen presentation by dendritic cells. In this study, a multifunctional mAb was produced using a novel research strategy. A truncated HBc-VLP bone vector with a special conformation was used as an immunogen and the target hybridoma cell lines were screened by a series of tests; including ELISA, Western blot, and cellular immunofluorescence based on the epitope presentation system. The screened monoclonal antibody was used to identify the HBc-VLP vector, a fusion HBc-VLP vaccine, and intracellular HBV capsids. The new strategy facilitated acquisition of the desired mAbs and will serve as a reference for other VLP-related research.