• dog;
  • metastatic tumor;
  • Tc1;
  • Th1;
  • Treg


It is well known that lymphocytes from patients with advanced-stage cancer have impaired immune responsiveness and that type1 T lymphocyte subsets in tumor bearing hosts are suppressed. Treg have been reported to comprise a subgroup which inhibits T cell mediated immune responses. In the present study, the percentage of Treg, Th1 and Tc1 in the peripheral blood of tumor bearing dogs with or without metastases was evaluated. The percentages of Th1 and Tc1 in dogs with metastatic tumor were significantly less, and that of Treg was significantly greater, than those of dogs without metastatic tumor. The percentage of Treg showed an inverse correlation with that of Th1 and Tc1 in tumor bearing dogs. It was concluded that an increase in Treg in the peripheral blood of dogs with metastatic tumor may induce suppression of tumor surveillance by the Type1 immune response and lead to metastasis of tumor[0][0].[0]