Conversion of viable but nonculturable Vibrio cholerae to the culturable state by co-culture with eukaryotic cells


  • A preliminary reporting of these findings was presented at the 43rd Annual Joint Panel Meeting of Cholera and Other Enteric Diseases, US-Japan Cooperative Medical Science Program, Fukuoka, Japan, 17–19 November, 2008.

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VBNC Vibrio cholerae O139 VC-280 obtained by incubation in 1% solution of artificial sea water IO at 4°C for 74 days converted to the culturable state when co-cultured with CHO cells. Other eukaryotic cell lines, including HT-29, Caco-2, T84, HeLa, and Intestine 407, also supported conversion of VBNC cells to the culturable state. Conversion of VBNC V. cholerae O1 N16961 and V. cholerae O139 VC-280/pG13 to the culturable state, under the same conditions, was also confirmed. When VBNC V. cholerae O139 VC-280 was incubated in 1% IO at 4°C for up to 91 days, the number of cells converted by co-culture with CHO cells declined with each additional day of incubation and after 91 days conversion was not observed.