Supplemental Fig. 1. Morphology of A549 cells during infection with PR-8. Morphological observations of infected-A549 cells 2 and 4 days after infection. Bar in micrograph: 100 μm.

Supplemental Fig. 2. Protein production and gene expression of cytokines and chemokines in A549 cells after infection. Quantitation of protein production of cytokines and chemokines. Data are shown as mean ± SD of results from three individuals. &ast;P < 0.05 (Student&apos;s t-test).

Supplemental Fig. 3. Knockdown of expression of TNF-α and RANTES genes. Attenuated expression of TNF-α, RANTES, and IFN-γ genes by knockdown system with siTNF-α and siRANTES. Black bars, A549 cells transfected with siTNF-α or siRANTES; white bars, controls (transfected with siGAPDH). Data are shown as mean ± SD of results from three individuals. &ast;P < 0.05; &ast;&ast;P < 0.01 (Student&apos;s t-test).

Supplemental Fig. 4. Morphology of A549 cells infected by PR-8 or transfected with NS1-plasmid collaborating with the H2O2-MPO axis. 2 days post-infection. Bar in micrograph: 100 μm.

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