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mim12004-sm-0001-suppfig.jpg30KFigure S1. (a) The expression plasmid of 6 x His tag-free Stx2 (pBSK-Stx2) was prepared from pBSK-Stx2(His) by replacing the first histidine-coding codon of the 6 x His gene to a stop codon (*) by site-directed mutagenesis using a QuikChange II Site-directed Mutagenesis Kit and a primer set of Stx2(His-)-f; 5′-CTGAAGTGCAGTTTAATAATGACTAACACCACCACCACCACTG-3′ and Stx2(His-)-r; 5′-CAGTGGTGGTGGTGGTGTTAGTCATTATTAAACTGCACTTCAG-3′. (b) Preparation of the cell lysate and western blot analysis were conducted as described in Materials and Methods. Lane 1; EHEC-derived Stx2 (500 ng), lane 2; lysate of the transformant with pBSK-Stx2 (corresponding to 1.5 × 108 cells).

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