Fig. S1. Sequencing result of plasmid pCMV5-FLAG/δ-catenin.

Fig. S2. Overexpression of δ-catenin and Kaiso in lung cancer tissues.

Fig. S3. The methylated status of MTA2 promoter in A549 and SPC cells.

Fig. S4. Expression of Kaiso and δ-catenin after transfection of their cDNA or siRNA.

Table S1. Correlations between δ-catenin, Kaiso mRNA and clinicopathological factors.

Table S2. Correlations between δ-catenin, Kaiso protein and clinicopathological factors.

Table S3. Correlations between MMP7, cyclin D1 and MTA2 mRNA and clinicopathological factors.

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