Fig. S1. GM3 induces phosphorylation of Akt in mouse melanoma B16 cells.

Fig. S2. GM3 partially blocked the effects of Akt1/2 siRNA on colony formation in soft agar.

Fig. S3. Rictor knockdown inhibits phosphorylation of Aktser473 and induces colony formation, but did not block the effects of GM3 on the stimulating activity of Akt.

Fig. S4. Growth curves of St3gal5, Pdpk1, Raptor and Ly-GDI knockdown of cell lines in serum-deprived conditions.

Fig. S5. Effects of Ly-GDI knockdown on the expression of Rho family genes.

Table S1. GM3 involved in tumor-related gene regulation.

Table S2. Ly-GDI expression and the number of colonies in soft agar in different siRNA-treated B16 cells.

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