Fig. S1. Illustration showing the in vitro angiogenesis model.

Fig. S2. Immunoexpression of TP and VEGF in primary carcinosarcoma.

Fig. S3. Human TSP-1 gene expression in HUVEC (A) and FU-MMT-1 cells (B).

Fig. S4. Results of the cytotoxicity assay in HUVEC.

Fig. S5. Changes in sonographic vascular density at week 8.

Fig. S6. Anti-angiogenic effects determined by LDPI.

Table S1. Laser Doppler flowmeter analysis of FU-MMT-1 xenografts at week 4 of treatment.

Data S1.In vitro tube formation assay; assessment of human TSP-1 gene expression in FU-MMT-1 cells and HUVEC; cytotoxicity assay; contrast-enhanced color Doppler US; laser Doppler perfusion imaging; and western blot analysis.

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