Fig. S1. GRIM-19 protein expression in U251MG and U87MG malignant glioma cells transfected with various vectors.

Fig. S2. Effect of GRIM-19 on STAT3 nuclear translocation in malignant glioma cells using double immunofluorescence staining.

Fig. S3. Expression of STAT3-dependent genes in U251MG malignant glioma cells with different treatments using RT-PCR.

Fig. S4. Expression of STAT3 target genes in U251MG malignant glioma cells with different treatments. Induction of endogenous GRIM-19 reduced interleukin (IL)-6-stimulated STAT3 nuclear translocation

Fig. S5. Expression of two STAT3-independent genes in U251MG malignant glioma cells following different treatments.

Table S1. Primers used for RT-PCR analysis.

Table S2. GRIM-19 protein expression in glioma samples.

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