Fig. S1. Algorithm of the computational pipeline.

Fig. S2. Read number distribution of all poly(A)-RNA data.

Fig. S3. Numbers of 1-, 2-, or 3-bp indels for the entire dataset.

Fig. S4. A CAG-deletion in the TP53 message in MEG-01s cells.

Table S1. Gene list for the custom cDNA-capture system.

Table S2. Purification of the target cDNA in CML cell lines.

Table S3. TP53 mutation status in CML cell lines.

CAS_2105_sm_fS1.jpg758KSupporting info item
CAS_2105_sm_fS2.jpg476KSupporting info item
CAS_2105_sm_fS3.jpg193KSupporting info item
CAS_2105_sm_fS4.jpg999KSupporting info item
CAS_2105_sm_tS1.xls174KSupporting info item
CAS_2105_sm_tS2.xls31KSupporting info item
CAS_2105_sm_tS3.xls32KSupporting info item

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