Fig. S1. Changes in mRNA expression in UKF-NB-4ELLI compared with UKF-NB-4 cells as detected by microarray.

Table S1. List of probes used in the iFISH.

Table S2. List of antibodies used for western blot analysis.

Table S3. Karyotype abnormalities in the parental and ellipticine-resistant sublines.

Table S4. List of marker chromosomes detected by mFISH.

Table S5. Analysis of array datasets for genes implicated in the acquired ellipticine resistance phenotype.

Table S6. Analysis of array datasets indicated predominantly statistically high significant (≥10 in cell line UKF-NB-4ELLI than in cell line UKF-NB-4ELLI) upregulated genes in the oxidative phosphorylation.

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