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Notch1 receptor as a marker of lymph node metastases in papillary thyroid cancer


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Notch functions as an oncogene or tumor suppressor according to the type of malignancy, and the BRAFV600E mutation is commonly observed in thyroid cancer. However, the role of Notch and BRAFV600E in papillary thyroid cancer (PTC) is unclear. This study sought to elucidate the clinicopathological characteristics in patients with PTC regarding the expression of Notch1/Notch3 receptors and BRAFV600E mutation. Clinicopathological characteristics were evaluated according to the Notch1/Notch3 receptors and BRAFV600E mutation in 187 patients with PTC who underwent definitive surgery. Expression of the Notch1 receptor was significantly associated with poor prognostic markers including large tumor size, nodal metastasis, capsular invasion, and extrathyroidal extension. However, there was no significant association between the clinicopathological characteristics and Notch3 receptor expression/BRAFV600E mutation. In multivariate analysis, Notch1 receptor expression showed a significant relationship with lymph node metastasis (= 0.04). Notch1 receptor may be a predictor of lymph node metastasis and may be related to poor prognostic markers in patients with PTC. Further investigation of Notch1 receptor may further the understanding of the pathogenesis of nodal metastasis in PTC. (Cancer Sci 2012; 103: 305–309)