cas2213-sup-0001-figureS1.jpgimage/jpg1614KFig. S1. Immunostaining of 5-hmC in the genetic model of murine hepatic tumor.
cas2213-sup-0002-figureS2.jpgimage/jpg675KFig. S2. Definition and determination of 5-hmC or 5-mC level using dot blot analysis.
cas2213-sup-0003-figureS3.jpgimage/jpg482KFig. S3. Measurement of 5-hmC in human gastric cancers using dot blot.
cas2213-sup-0004-figureS4.jpgimage/jpg579KFig. S4. Measurement of 5-mC in colorectal cancer (CRC) using dot blot.
cas2213-sup-0005-figureS5.jpgimage/jpg1190KFig. S5. Expression levels of genes encoding base excision repair proteins and cytidine deaminases of 22 colorectal cancers (CRC).
cas2213-sup-0006-TableS1.xlsapplication/msexcel23KTable S1. Primer sequences for quantitative real-time PCR analysis.
cas2213-sup-0007-TableS2.xlsapplication/msexcel21KTable S2. Primers for mutational analysis.

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