cas2273-sup-0001-figS1.tifimage/tif1262KFig. S1. Distribution of TREM-1 positive cells by immunocytochemistry analysis.
cas2273-sup-0002-figS2.tifimage/tif3771KFig. S2. Representative immunocytochemistry images of TREM-1 in cell line LX-2.
cas2273-sup-0003-figS3.tifimage/tif1860KFig. S3. Fresh isolated cells in 24 h.
cas2273-sup-0004-tableS1.docWord document83KTable S1. Clinicopathologic characteristics of the hepatocellular carcinoma population.
cas2273-sup-0005-tableS2.docWord document68KTable S2. Analyses of TREM-1 associated with early and late recurrence in testing cohort.
cas2273-sup-0006-tableS3.docWord document78KTable S3. Factors associated with survival and recurrence in validation cohort.
cas2273-sup-0007-DataS1.docWord document104KData S1. Full materials and methods.

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