A study of 34 pure opiate addicts, admitted to Oakley Hospital, Auckland, showed that the common personality profile traded to be one of youth, above average I, Q., early school leaving without journal qualification, employment in only about 50 per cent 0f theme group, and they bring largely in unskilled occupation.

Predominantly European. t hey from middle lower the middle, lower middle and tower middle that. It per cent of them having some abnormal family circumstance and a small majority hating tome working mothers.

Personalities were frequently emotionally unstable, most commonly of the psychopathic type.

The initial drug used was rather a matter of chance but generally fist taken between the ages of 16 and 20. Criminality was above the average level in the group. about half having had anon drug conviction prior to first drug me; after first drug use about the same number committed non drug offences, whilst about one-third had convictions for drug offences e.g. possession, use, prescription forger? or pharmacy burglary.