The Use of the Short-Form Alcohol Dependence Data Questionnaire (SADD) in Brazilian Alcoholic Patients *


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    Research partially supported by Financiadora National de Estudos e Projects (FINEP).


The possibility of applying the short-form Alcohol Dependence Data questionnaire (SADD) to an interview situation was tested in an alcoholic sample. This was in contrast to using the self-completion questionnaire as was originally proposed.

The correlation between the SADD, when applied to an interview situation and the SADD, when used as a self-completion questionnaire, as evaluated by the Spearman correlation coefficient, was r= 0.81. A test-retest reliability using the self-completed form provided a correlation of r= 0.90. Split-half reliability obtained far both the interview and self-completion questionnaire yielded correlations of r= 0.88 and r= 0.82 respectively. The interview version of the SADD can, therefore, be utilised with illiterate subjects. Furthermore, it has provided data showing that the SADD clearly discriminated between a sample of normal volunteers (n= 55) and a sample of alcoholics (n= 50).