Positive and negative consequences of alcohol drinking among young university students in Finland



    Corresponding author
    1. Finnish Student Health Service, Töölonkatu 37 A, SF-00260 Helsinki, Finland & Research and Treatment Unit of Alcohol Diseases, University of Helsinki, Tukholmankatu 8 F, SF-00290 Helsinki, Finland
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and reprint requests to: Mikael Nyström, MD. Research and Treatment Urns of Alcohol Diseases, University of showed evidence of better academic performance. Helsinki, Tukholmankatu 8 F, SF-00290 Helsinki, Finland.


In a sample of 1663 female and 707 male Finnish university students in their first study year, the female students reported less negative and less positive consequences of alcohol drinking than their male counterparts. The female students also drank less, less frequently and less often for intoxication. However, the profile of negative and positive consequences of drinking was similar for both genders; 74.6% of the female students and 80.0% of the males had more positive than negative experiences from alcohol. Both the positive and negative consequences of drinking correlated positively to alcohol consumption and drinking for intoxication. About half of the students who had many positive consequences of drinking were not heavy drinkers and did not report many negative consequences. Depression, anxiety, stress or psychosomatic symptoms did not correlate with either with positive or negative consequences of drinking, nor with alcohol consumption. Drinking for anxiety, depression, stress or the reduction of tension appeared to be infrequent. Young Finnish university students mostly drink for the positive consequences of drinking.